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. >> reporter: he had taken an herb in the mint family. it was originally used by indians in mexico for traditional healing ceremonies, and to induce visions, out-of- body experiences. >> it's amazing to me how they can sell this stuff. >> reporter: abc 2 news found it sold online. but you can also find it in stores. signs are on the front door and store employees are ready to talk about it as undercover cameras watched and listened. >> can you explain it? it makes your body go to a different place. >> reporter: salvia is smoked or chewed for the high. and the instructions say it's a tool for self-discovery. but these store clerks warn that they had heard stories about bad trips. >> one time and was running down the block like running two blocks down the road. thought an that continue da anaconda was chasing him. >> reporter: including schizophrenia, flashbacks. but no federal laws regulate. this. >> it's just not something that comes to the attention of law enforcement very often. oftentimes and maybe the poison control center and hospitals that first hear about this. >> reporter:
: they say they have given up lot already, and if the state were to use layoffs to help close a budget hole, it would hurt a lot of families. >> no layoffs, no furloughs, no cuts in benefits. no cuts period, because right now is the time when state employees are needed more than ever when there is a demand for services is not a good time to cut. >> reporter: while the unions continue to wrestle with the governor to try to preserve jobs, the state has to fill a huge hole in the budget. hundreds of millions of dollars have to be cut by labor day, and the only thing that hasn't been cut so far has been jobs. the governor's staff now says state agencies have to take a close look at low-priority programs and pull in resources, including personnel. >> we've asked agencies to look at operating businesses in their operations a little bit differently. we said every agency doesn't need a pio officer, every agency doesn't need a governmental person. maybe you can share the resources. >> reporter: but lawmakers say they want to make sure that the state is looking at all options here, and not just jobs
skies and showers and thunderstorms with us. temperatures in the 70s for the next couple of hours. we'll have the complete forecast as well as looking it at hurricane bill. >>> a man shot and killed through the window of his east baltimore home. it is a murder that has shaken his community. it happened south island in east baltimore at 4:30 on thursday. tonight brian reports on the story behind yet another baltimore homicide. >> reporter: daunte gunner was murdered yesterday. the name may not mean much to you. but for this diverse neighborhood on the east side his death shattered nerves as wrecklessly as the three bullet holes through his window. >> i can honestly say it does. everybody was just feeling sick about it. >> reporter: because for this block it doesn't take long to see the angers on people's faces. daunte was a mentor to the kids around here. he has a criminal record but some say it used it to counsel other youths against the lifestyle. a beloved voice silenced. >> someone banged on the door. when the victim walked up to the window to look out to see who it was knockin
exhaustion without noticing the symptoms. if you have to work outside, like a lot of people do, use some common sense. >> i think it's important just to stay hydrated. the biggest thing. it's easy to get heat exhaustion if you don't drink. a lot of days it's the humidity more than the heat. and today i'd say it's the humidity as much as anything. the air feels heavy. >> that looks like fun. the lucky ones escaped to the nearest swimming hole today, but most of us can't do that. so baltimore has opened several cooling centers across the city. they will close at 7:00 tonight, and reopen tomorrow at 9 a.m. each center has air conditioning, water, and ice on hand. the city is also providing free bus service to help people reach a cooling center. >>> and the heat is also slowing tonight's commute home. marc passengers have been told to expect delays on the camden and brunswick lines because of the hot weather. high temperatures can affect the rails and cause problems, and delays are running about 15 minutes at this point. thou we just need to know when the heat will break. meteorologist susan
4:00 this morning at a 7-eleven in the 8900 block of rhode island avenue. terry joins us with details on what happened. >> reporter: marybeth, police got a call about two men lying in a parking lot. they were flown to a nearby hospital, where one of them died. investigators believe the wounded men had driven to the 7- eleven where they were found lying on the ground near their vehicle. authorities believed the stabbing actually happened about a mile away at a home on hollywood road. and they believe it was the result of a domestic dispute that got out of control. >> hasn't had a violent crime here in 42 years. longer than that, i lived here 42 years. it just doesn't happen. >> crime is everywhere, and these things happen everywhere. we need to stay together, stay strong, and stay vigilant and protect each other. >> police have yet to identify either of the victims. terry owens, abc 2 news. >>> tonight authorities are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of an escaped prisoner. police say devin champagne got away after attacking a sheriff's deputy
-old zachary watson and 17-year-old emanuel miller were arrested in the beating of james privott. they used tips from the community to find these remaining suspects. lockner was arrested shortly after the beating and theft to the victim's suv. lockner is charged with a hate crime. the teens will not be though. >>they are being charged for assault. both of them are being charged with attempted first degree murder, and charges related to the theft of the vehicle. bail for lockner was denied. the teens will appear for their bail review tomorrow. >>>ten people were taken to the hospital for evaluation after a carbon monoxide incident at a baltimore county warehouse. it happened just before noon at the case mace packing warehouse on the yellow brick road in roseville. carbon monoxide likely bltd up from the propane fueled forklifts being operated inside. workers say they were feeling dizzy and lightheaded. >>>police are searching for the p earn who shot a teenager in northwest baltimore after 2:00 this morning. sources tell us that neighbors called police because the teen was lying in the middle
at the station with the lightning. put us off the air. your forecast for the remainder of this evening calls for strong storms. temperatures cooling off. right now we're at 71 degrees. we were at 91, just an hour ago. our temperature dropped 20 degrees in less than 20 minutes here at the station. if you live north and east of baltimore, they're on their way to your neighborhood. we'll have more on the forecast, coming up in a couple of minutes. >>> and norm we just checked with bge. at last count, there are about 3600 customers without power. the majority of those are in baltimore county and city. we will continue to follow the storms tonight as the newscast continues. but also in the news, tonight an elderly man is hospitalized, severely beaten in a possible hate crime. authorities say the 76-year-old victim was fishing with his wife at fort armistead wife in south baltimore at about 4:30 this morning when he was attacked. the park is just under the francis scott key bridge, and the couple was packing up their car to leave when police say three white men walked up to them and beat the man w
. investigators are checking to see if cameras in the area will eprovide them with any clues. >>> a u.s. park officer is out of the hospital after being hurt in a crash on the baltimore washington parkpay. it lapped on the southbound lanes between route 197 and the powder mill exit. the officer was standing on the shoulder of the road after pulling a car over future a traffic stop, when a pickup truck struck his patrol car. the officer was somehow pulled under his cruiser and pushed about 40 feet. the two drivers were also hurt, but they are expected to recover. >>> five years after a deadly water taxi accident at the inner harbor, the coast guard has released its final report on the accident. five people died in the tragedy back in 2004. the report finds the pontoon boat capsized due to a number of reasons, including a bad decision to leave the dock in the space of an approaching storm. the report also recommends inspections of pontoon boats to identify those at higher risks of overturning. >>> a controversial nightclub in mount vernon may remain open after winning the latest round in its le
cloudy. storms mostly to the south of us. our temperatures will be in the 80s. but as we go through the evening, there is still a chance we could see some scattered showers make their way into the baltimore area. a little bit later on tonight. we'll talk about that in the forecast in a couple of minutes. >>> it's happened again. another carbon monoxide leak at the cove village apartments in essex. this time a young couple and their infant daughter were rushed to the hospital. abc 2 news linda so has exclusive video of the latest co scare at covillage. >> reporter: this was the scene overnight at the cove village apartments. fire and bge crews were called to masthead court for another carbon monoxide leak. >> i had a false alarm about a year or two back. but nothing like this. and all i was doing was cooking. >> reporter: wendy was making soup when her co detector went off just after midnight. she was home with her two children. firefighters detected elevated levels of the poisonous gas in wendy's unit and neighboring units. wendy's next door neighbors, a young couple and their infan
a suspect out there that is wanted. we haven't had a lot of cases jump out at us in that area since this incident has occurred. but at the same time, we do know we still have a suspect out there. and we're going to take every measure to bring him to justice. >> reporter: for all of the merits of dna technology, prosecutors say the backlog of evidence waiting or the tested contributed to an innocent man remaining behind bars for almost 16 months in this case. >> there are many cases pending, and many of them are backed up. just this week, i've had several cases -- just this week i have learned of several cases where prosecutors were ready for trial with the exception of the dna evidence. >> reporter: the city state's attorney patricia jessamy is now joining the police department and city leaders in an effort to get some of the federal stimulus dollars to expand its ability to process dna samples in a more timely fashion. in charles village, jeff hager, abc 2 news. >> prosecutors received the results of the suspect's dna sample exon rate just 24 hours before his trial was set to begin
. >> it helps us, because we can pay more things for school supplies, shoes, clothes, and lots of things, like to pay the reject for us to sleep. >> reporter: but for many folks, it's a pride thing. they don't want anyone to know that that good job they once had, which allowed them to keep up with the joneses is gone. that's why you're not seeing many faces here. just the need. >> all the layoffs, all the furloughs, a lot of people are finding themselves in a situation where they need distance. and some of the families who have come here would have never imagined having to be in a position where they have to seek assistance. >> reporter: howard is the third wealthiest county in the 7th wealthiest state. but with businesses closing, layoffs, and many other types of economic problems, many people are beginning to realize that a lot of their neighbors are hurting, especially in the third wealthiest county in the 7th wealthiest state. the howard county food bank has seen a 30% increase in need, which means once stocked shelves are getting thin. donations do come in as concerned citizens want to he
battling brain cancer. terry joins us now with reaction from local lawmakers. >> reporter: marybeth, president barack obama says an important chapter in the country's history has ended. many are hailing ted kennedy tonight as the greatest united states senator of our time. he is being remembered as a champion for the poor, senior citizens, and health care for all americans. and maryland senator barbara mikulski says senator kennedy was a fierce add for equality, who changed the world for the better. kennedy was 77 and served some 46 years. flags at the world trade center in downtown baltimore are at half-staff in memory of kennedy. >> making sure that this country is open to justice and equality for all people. he really was a voice, in some cases alone to provide opportunities for so many people. and we benefit here in the city as a result of that. >> for decades, senator kennedy has been a stalwart in our community, fighting for children, fighting for our seniors, and for the best interests of millions of families across our nation. >> white house official says president obama wil
center. surgeons used a process called plasma exchange. during the process the machine separates antibodies from blood that can cause organ rejection. doctors say the process can also make it easier for african- americans to receive transplanted organs. some of the patients and donors met today for the first time. >> the sacrifices that these people made i really believe will never be forgotten because this will forever change our field, our field of transplantation. >> of the 80,000 people on the kidney transplant list, 36% are african-american but only 15% of living donor kidneys go to african-americans. >>> some bad news about your money tonight if you have a state pension. maryland's public pension fund has fallen by more than 20% over the past year. stocks and other investments held by the maryland state retirement and pension system hit a high of $40.9 billion in 2007 but it dropped to $28.5 billion as of june 30. the dip could force maryland to dedicate additional money to cover employee retirement costs. >>> now, some good news for the general motors transmission plant in
tells us which post offices in our area could be affected. >> reporter: the post office used to be the place to go to send packages. and mail off letters. but now with the internet and e- mail, not as many people are doing it the old-fashioned way. and like any business, when sales are down, changes need to be made. >> customers aren't utilizing the postal service there is no need for us to actually be there. >> reporter: the postal service is considering coolidating or closing hundreds of post offices nationwide as a cost- cutting measure. the ones that could be closed in our area are the branches in the east point mall, south point station, franklin station, mount washington station, and towson towne center fireworks for some reason they will still maintain their zip code. they won't lose that. it's just they may not be able to go to that location to mail their packages or purchase their stamps. >> reporter: along with possibly closing local post offices like the one here in mount washington, the postal service is also considering reducing mail delivery from six days a week
. >> you don't know for a fact that it's her even now? >> no, i don't know other than the fact they gave us her license and it was her vehicle. but again, it could have been someone else driving the car. so we don't know. >> reporter: in randallstown, jeff hager, abc 2 news. >> police are withholding the suspect's name, but they say she an 18-year-old baltimore man who is currently listed in serious condition at shock trauma. she expected to face charges, including manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and auto theft. >>> charges will not be filed in the deaths of two teenagers hit by a light rail train near lutherville last month. police say they finished their investigation, and they found no evidence that anything criminal happened. conner peterson and kyle wankmiller were walking on the tracks near the lutherville station when they were hit from behind. baltimore county police say they have no reason to believe the driver did anything wrong. >> you know, the driver said he didn't see them. there are some environmental issues that also took place in this investigation, such that detective
. >> reporter: the general manager of the kunz dealership here in easton refused to talk to us on camera. but over the phone he told us the company has done what it can. they repaired the weiss' car and made the couple an offer that they rejected. the offer involved replacing their car, but it also meant having to make higher monthly payments. >> it just feels like they're trying to profit from our loss because they don't want to take a loss, but why should we have to take a loss? this happened on their watch. >> reporter: so instead of riding around in their brand- new car, the weisss are stuck making monthly payments on a car that has hardly been theirs to enjoy. in annapolis, linda so, abc 2 news. >> as you hear, kunz has repaired the stolen car, fixing the damage to the body and the interior. the couple was supposed to pick up the car today, but they say they did not, saying they weren't satisfied with those repairs. >>> an escaped prisoner who attacked a howard county sheriff's deputy remains at large tonight. police believe he made it to his home in handcuffs and leg shackles. poli
reopened under m&t bank. and it's business as usual. former bradford customers can still write checks, use their atm cards and make loan payments, just as they did before. m&t bank officials toured the branches today and in the website to come account holders will have more access to their money than ever before. >> in four to six weeks, we're going to convert all the bradford branches into m and t branches. and at that time they'll have access to the largest network in the baltimore-washington corridor. they have 718 atm machines in the region. beginning this thursday, september 3rd, bradford customers will be able to use m & t's atm machines. >>> if you owe the state of maryland tax money, might be the time to pay it off. a tax amnesty begins tomorrow and runs until october 30th. the plan was approved by the legislature to encourage people to pay back taxes as the state copes with a budget shortfall. >> individuals and small businesses can settle their delinquent tax debts without incurring penalties. they'll also receive 50% reduction in interest. >> the state's last tax amnesty in 2001
inside a dark-colored oldsmobile cutlass attempted to stop vehicles on route 100 in glen burnie using a red strobe light in the front windshield. officers located the vehicle and arrested the driver, 18- year-old robert mace. >>> the archdiocese of baltimore has removed a cumberland priest following allegations of sexual abuse. the archdiocese says 73-year- old monsignor thomas bevin is not allowed to function as a priest until the investigation wraps up. the archdiocese says a former student at a parrish school in frederick says he was abused by bevin back in the '70s. the archdiocese says bevin denies the accusations. >>> one of baltimore city's most historic churches welcomes back the faithful. bethel ame held its firsts is in almost two months. the church steeple was struck by lightning on july 1st, touching off a fire that damaged the steeple and the balcony. but the church managed to get the main sanctuary repaired and ready to go in time for a week- long community outreach program. the pastor says they couldn't have done it without the support of the entire community. >> we're
police tell us just after 3:30 they scan the tags of a suspect vehicle on mlk and lexington. it came back as a stolen car. just as police were beginning their pursuit, the suspect took off, driving at such a high rate of speed we're told he nearly ran a sergeant off the road. that sergeant immediately got on his radio, called off the chase. but the suspect still sped off. and about six blocks later, he struck this woman's car right in that intersection. >> car flipped over, hit the tree, and they say the woman died. so it's sad. >> reporter: lots of folks are just baffled. can't believe the impact and what the cars look like after that impact. we don't know at this point how fast the suspect was traveling, but i can tell you the impact has thrown both cars 50 to 100 feet away from that intersection. we'll have much more on this story tonight at 11. for now live with breaking news, delia goncalves, abc 2 news. >> thank you, delia. >>> prisoners can commit crimes from prison with cell phones. but those phones may soon go silent. a senate committee has approved a plan that woul
in this situation. it's awful. >> the county executive tells us the dogs were taken to the county's animal control shelter. they will be evaluated and hopefully once they're stable, adopted out to loving homes. the house has been declared unfit for habitation. and as for the owners, john leopold, the county executive says it's not clear whether criminal charges will be filed. >>> a judge in baltimore county has sentenced a man to two life sentences, plus 100 years. kiheem taylor carjacked, kidnapped, and raped a teenage after about a dubbing her and her boyfriend from the timonium light rail station last year. abc 2 news jeff hager reports, the defendant claims he is innocent, but his own words convicted him. >> reporter: the distraught mother of 23-year-old kiheem taylor emerged from the courthouse claiming his innocence. >> he is not no perfect team, hard headed at times, but i believe he is innocent. i don't see him doing nothing like this. >> reporter: neither the teenaged boy locked inside the car's trunk nor the 18-year-old girl raped and forced to do other sexual acts over a two- hour perio
early sunday morning. chief meteorologist norm lewis joins us now with the first forecast. looking much better today. >> they certainly are, marybeth. around the baltimore area, no precipitation. but maryland's most powerful radar has indicated one little shower. now starting to try to get organized. let me zoom into it. it's down on the lower eastern shore there it is right there. around the salisbury, delmarva area. that shower is moving towards the north at about three miles an hour. you can probably outrun it the way it's going right now. but those little pop-up showers are possible during the summer time. here your forecast for the metro baltimore area for the next couple of hours this evening. partly cloudy skies. no precipitation. temperatures holding in the 80s for the next couple of hours. we are expecting some heat and humidity tomorrow. and also the possibility of some pop-up showers. we'll tell you all about it, coming up. >>> a man died in a back riverboating accident. 26-year-old scott yeggi was being pulled hen he fell off a large inner tube. the boat operator turned arou
system used to prevent crashes. it turns out the national transportation safety board knew about a march failure of the safety system the day after the june 22nd crash. previously, the ntsb claimed it found out about the march incident only last week. >>> maryland health officials are reporting the state's sixth death associated with the h1n1 virus, or swine flu. health officials say the patient was an adult with underlying medical problems who lived near the washington, d.c. area. health officials say they expect more flu-related deaths, and they are urging people to take advantage of vaccination programs once they do become available, which probably won't be available until the fall. >>> and now to a developing story out of washington, d.c., a large-scale emergency response, all because of bee stings. authorities say 14 children were stung at the rock creek nature center this afternoon. none of the kids suffered any allergic reacts to the stings, andly the are all being treated at the scene. >>> family, dignitaries, and special olympians remember eunice kennedy-shriver in massachusetts
potentially severe weather for us tonight. we have some thunderstorms about. also a flash flood warning for cecil county. that's in effect until 10:00 tonight. that is because of thunderstorm activity. these aren't particularly strong thunderstorms at this point in time. however, they are dumping quite a bit of rain. they have that potential to dump quite a bit of rain, as much as a quarter to half an inch at a time, depending on where they hit. >> all right, susan, thank you. and that's all for us on abc 2 news at 6. i'm marybeth marsden. thanks for joining us. we hope to to see you back here done at 11. remember, the news continues always on we'll see you tonight. have a good one. good night. >> thanks for choosing abc 2 news at 6. for more news, watch abc 2 news at 11, or go now to abc 2 works for you. >>> switch to what works for you. abc 2 news at 11 and marybeth marsden. energy, experience. >> good evening, i'm marybeth marsden. we start -- >> breaking news, fast and first. >> we were the first to bring it to you. >> reports saving you money, keeping y
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